A court hearing has finally been held in Aswan, Egypt, for the 32 Nubian protesters who had been arrested following their demonstration on September 3, 2017. Of the 32 people, 24 were arrested during the protests that day and the rest were apprehended later. Charged by the government with such crimes as inciting protests, disrupting […]

A statement by the young Nubian activist Siham Othman was widely quoted after she was arrested, along with 23 other protesters during their peaceful demonstration in Aswan early last September. She was quoted again two weeks ago in an Associated Press news report reviewing the reasons for the Nubian discontent. The writer, Hamza Hendawi, is […]

Eight months after the Nubians dramatically protested for rights that are guaranteed by the Egyptian constitution, they are still waiting for the government to carry through with its promises. Last week, Public Radio International, a media organization based in the U.S., published a report providing the reasons for the Nubian discontentment and an update to […]

Ever since the completion of the Aswan High Dam in 1964, successive Egyptian governments have ignored promises made to the Nubians that they would be allowed to return to farming villages along the Nile. For 51 years, the Nubian people have cherished the promise—the hope—of returning to the peaceful ways of their rural villages. Last […]

Most of the peaceful Nubian people were forced to abandon their homes in southern Egypt in the 1960s because the Aswan High Dam was nearly completed, and, until now, they have never been fairly compensated by the Egyptian government. Many were resettled into shoddy new communities north of the city of Aswan. With their villages […]

Gamal Mubarak, a powerful young Egyptian politician, traveled to the Aswan area last week to address some of the concerns of the Nubian people about the government’s intentions toward them. The second son of aging Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, Gamal is head of the Policies Committee of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP). The younger […]

The Nubians are finally making some progress in their quest to have the right to return to villages along the Nile—or at least around the dammed reservoir called Lake Nasser. An important conference held two weeks ago in Aswan included Nubians plus officials from such government ministries as Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Irrigation and Water […]