The ancient poetry, called ambahan, of the two Mangyan societies living near the southern end of Mindoro Island effectively conveys their daily concerns and their idealized social relationships. The Philippine Daily Inquirer last week described the peaceful social conditions, as well as the poetry, of the Buid and their neighbors, the Hanunoo. Rita Ledesma, the […]

Last week, the program “The World,” from PRI, Public Radio International, focused on Nubians who were removed from their homes and are now living in the U.S. The mid-1960s closing of the huge Aswan High Dam across the Nile River in southern Egypt not only flooded Egyptian Nubian communities south of Aswan, it also displaced […]

Philippine soldiers are harassing the Buid and the other Mangyan villagers, according to a series of news reports last week, but the indigenous mountain peoples are reacting by reciting their peaceful poetry, called ambahan, to assert their unity and sense of determination. Out of the seven (or some sources say eight) Mangyan societies that survive […]