The life and work of the Zapotec artist Francisco Toledo, who died September 5, were celebrated by an obituary in the Independent last week. According to Harrison Smith, who wrote the article, Toledo was a leading Mexican painter, sculptor, photographer, engraver, and tapestry designer. He also was a passionate defender of Oaxacan indigenous traditions. He […]

Canada’s CBC Radio rebroadcast a documentary on January 4 about Elisapee Ishulutaq, a renowned Inuit artist who died on December 9, 2018. The program had first been aired in June 2014 when she was in her late 80s and was appointed to the Order of Canada. As a child in the 1930s, Ishulutaq lived with […]

The U.S. government prevented two celebrated Zapotec artists from attending the closing reception last week for their murals, displayed for a year in the central rotunda of the Los Angeles Public Library. The Los Angeles Times reported last Wednesday that artists Dario Canul and Cosijoesa Cernas, from the Zapotec street art collective Tlacolulokos, were not […]

The Los Angeles Public Library is celebrating the city’s large number of people from Oaxaca State in southern Mexico, particularly Zapotecs, with a prominent exhibit entitled “Visualizing Language: Oaxaca in L.A.” The exhibit, which has been on display in the central library’s rotunda since September, will remain open until January 31, 2018. It was the […]

The village of Cape Dorset on western Baffin Island enthusiastically supports its Inuit artists, some of whom have a reputation of producing world-class art. Two years ago, the artists in the community were covered in a college newspaper, and last week they were the subject of a feature story in the major international news source, […]

Prominent Inuit sculptor Abraham Anghik Ruben believes that one of the core concepts of his society is that humanity must exhibit reverence for life. That spirit, he says, is often referred to as one of the “ancient Inuit commandments [which] is passed on through the Raven creation myth.” Some of Ruben’s creations have been chosen […]

Shary Boyle, a visiting artist at Concordia University in Montreal, gave a presentation last week on campus during which she spoke about her three-week visit in the spring to the Inuit community of Cape Dorset. The students may have expected her to focus on her own paintings, drawings, and sculptures, but she chose to discuss […]