The chief executive of the Dindigul District in India’s Tamil Nadu took a lengthy trek into a remote Paliyan village on January 23 to listen to the people discuss their issues. According to an article in The Hindu, Collector T. G. Vinay hiked nearly 14 kilometers into the village of Moongilpallam in the forested Kodaikanal […]

The press in Namibia reported last week that the Nyae Nyae Conservancy had just held its annual meeting, with representatives from all 37 Ju/’hoansi villages attending. The major order of business was distributing a new solar-powered Lifeline radio to each village. The website for the Lifeline radio indicates that it is designed for remote locations […]

A Hutterite colony in Southcentral Alberta is developing a net-zero egg layer barn, a large chicken facility that hopefully will use no more energy than it generates. A feature in The Western Producer, a weekly publication for the agricultural industry of Western Canada, covered the development of the experimental barn on the Brant Hutterite Colony […]

A Rural Thai village that is off the grid is evangelizing about the value of renewable energy: bio-gas from cow manure for cooking, and solar panels for lighting homes. Last week Agence France-Presse featured the story of how community leaders in Pa Deng village have formed a network of alternative energy users—and advocates. Pa Deng […]

Last month, Paras Loomba led a team of volunteers into Shingo, a remote Ladakhi village, to install a new, solar powered, electrical system for the villagers. The village, located within the well-known Hemis National Park, has never had electricity before. The national park, home to the densest concentration of snow leopards of any protected area […]

The Ladakhi people of Sumda Chenmo had never enjoyed electricity in their remote village, located in the Ripchar Valley of the Zanskar Range, in southwestern Ladakh. On August 20 in the early evening, a trekking expedition turned on the lights. While trekking expeditions frequently go through the valley, this group of people had other goals […]

An Ohio Amish family owns three stores that use several electrical appliances and that advertise on the Internet. An article in the Detroit Free Press on Monday this week describes the unusual Amish furniture, bakery, and bulk foods stores run by Daniel Miller and his brothers Larry and Harry, Jr., in Adams County, Ohio. These […]