A Rural Thai village that is off the grid is evangelizing about the value of renewable energy: bio-gas from cow manure for cooking, and solar panels for lighting homes. Last week Agence France-Presse featured the story of how community leaders in Pa Deng village have formed a network of alternative energy users—and advocates. Pa Deng […]

Can the Theravadan Buddhist approach to wisdom co-exist alongside the modern, imported knowledge of the Kingdom of Thailand? That is the question asked by author Zane Ma Rhea as she takes a closer look at traditional concepts of knowledge and wisdom in the face of an increasingly globalized Thailand. To start, Ma Rhea explains some […]

Some peaceful societies wrestle with whether or not to adopt the latest technologies, but not the Rural Thai—they see only advantages in using their 4G mobile devices. The Ifaluk prohibit many things, such as motorboats, that might corrupt their traditional culture. The Amish are famed for evaluating all new technological devices because they want to […]

Although Thailand basically tolerates same-sex couples, the more deeply conservative Rural Thai in the northeastern region of the country consider lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and intersexed people to be abnormal. According to an article in the Bangkok Post last week, couples within the LGBTI community are having a lot of problems, especially with their desires to raise children.

The opening paragraph in a recent journal article by Piriya Pholphirul about Thailand begins with the amazingly hopeful statement that “‘happiness’ is the ultimate human desire.” Skeptical readers, living in societies that place their highest values on wealth, power, position, or status, might well question such an assertion. A Wikipedia article, the “Culture of Thailand,” […]

The word “redshirt” has very different meanings in the United States and Rural Thailand. In the U.S., student intercollegiate athletes normally are permitted to play on their teams for only four years. If they are in five-year undergraduate programs, during that fifth year (often the first one) they may be part of a team but […]