Through the lens of a skilled photographer, the Batek people, particularly their children, appear to radiate charm, beauty, and peacefulness. A couple of photo-filled blog posts by Lye Tuck-Po this past week, one on Monday July 25th and the other on Sunday the 31st, certainly capture the inner beauty of these people. Dr. Lye’s blog […]

Lye Tuck-Po revived her blog two weeks ago with an adorable—and that’s the only appropriate word—picture of three Batek children taken in a forest during her most recent visit. All three kids appear to be under seven. A little boy on the right has a determined look on his face as he chops away with […]

Over the past couple of weeks, Lye Tuck-Po has been adding a lot of interesting new materials to her anthropology blog about the Batek. This website has commented on her blog posts about the Batek a couple times before, most recently on September 18, 2008. Dr. Lye’s recent entries provide a mix of materials—including, of […]

Last fall, Lye Tuck-Po launched a new blog in which she sometimes reports recollections of her anthropological field work among the Batek. On Sunday this week she posted an interesting story about a week 12 years ago when she camped with a Batek band on a high ridge along the spine of the Malay Peninsula. […]

On November 14, Lye Tuck-Po launched a blog where she could post essays about her fieldwork and travels, a complement to the photos she has been putting on her flickr website for several years. In the sidebar that accompanies the blog, Dr. Lye tells us that, in addition to studying the Batek of Peninsular Malaysia, […]

If another Edward Steichen were to announce a 21st century “Family of Man” exhibition, Lye Tuck-Po could submit some of her pictures of the Batek for possible inclusion. The famous book Family of Man, published in 1955 as a result of the exhibition, includes human-interest photos that are supremely absorbing for the insights they give […]

“They kill the world the way they live,” a Batek shaman says about the modern, industrializing, high-tech society of the Malays that surrounds their forest homeland in Malaysia. The attitudes of peaceful societies toward their natural environments are often important facets of their overall approaches to life. A recent journal article explores the values and […]

Arresting metaphors enrich a Batek shaman’s views of nature: “Our Souls Live upon the Trees. The forest is the veins and tendons of our lives.” Lye Tuck-Po, in her new book Changing Pathways: Forest Degradation and the Batek of Pahang, Malaysia, describes a lengthy discourse one evening by a Batek shaman whom she calls “Tebu.” […]