A number of Hutterite colonies in Manitoba are hiring non-Hutterites as employees in their manufacturing businesses, which is beginning to change their economic and social relationships. The Winnipeg Free Press explained the development in a news story on May 5. The largest enterprise cited by the news service is a company called Springfield Woodworking, owned […]

Competition is anathema to some of the peaceful societies, such as the Kadar, Semai, Piaroa, and Chewong, where people fear it might provoke resentment, anger, and even violence. For other peaceful societies, it is simply a harmless and enjoyable part of life. Tristan da Cunha is one of those places, where the spirit of friendly […]

While the pacifist beliefs of Canadian Hutterites have been controversial in the past, so have their communal living patterns, especially when they appear to pose problems for non-Hutterites. Last week, the CBC reported that some Canadian business people have been complaining about the colonies, which they feel are allowed unfair competitive advantages by the provincial […]

Numerous ethnographies of peaceful societies mention, or in some cases focus on, the issues of competition and cooperation. Children are often cited as never playing competitive games; cooperation is the norm for some groups; individualism rather than cooperation or competition prevails in some of the societies. The importance of this issue is frequently reflected in […]