A Muslim man and his Christian bride, both Nubians, were married at night recently to avoid upsetting too many people, but they had a traditional ceremony nonetheless. Nicola Kelly described the events that took place in the Aswan area for the BBC last week. Akram, the groom, told the reporter on the morning of the […]

The village of Gharb Sohail, located a few miles south of Aswan, is a good example of a community where the old Nubian culture survives, at least for tourists. A travel article containing several interesting observations about the village and the Nubians appeared last week in an English-language newspaper from the UAE. Aya Nader, the […]

Last November, Nubians staged protests in southern Egypt to dramatize their arguments that they’ve been cheated out of their rights and of their lands by the government. They demanded a recognition of their right to resettle their historic territory in Old Nubia, especially since it is guaranteed in the Egyptian constitution. A news story in […]

The increasingly strident demand by younger Nubians for fair and equal treatment by the government of Egypt has become a major development among the peaceful societies over the past year. A recent scholarly analysis of the reasons for the protests is thus quite timely. The point of the article by Maja Janmyr, a post-doctoral researcher […]

Egyptian Nubians are becoming more assertive since the government is reneging on its promise that they have a right to return to lands along the Nile in southern Egypt. Current developments were described by a news report in The Economist on September 17. The reporter provided a brief summary of Nubian history that included the […]

An Egyptian television series called “The Singer” recently angered the Nubian community by seriously misrepresenting the history of their removal from Old Nubia in the 1960s. A news report in Al Monitor last week explained the reactions and controversy surrounding episode 5 of the series. The series includes the popular Egyptian singer, actor, and musician […]

While some Nubian women are leaving their families and villages for education and jobs, many remain and continue to follow the old customs—and to marry Nubian men. A feature in the Middle Eastern news and analysis website Al-Monitor last week explored with some Nubian women the options for marriages today. The journalist pointed out that […]

Traditional foods and styles of cooking in the Upper Nile Valley are essential aspects of Nubian cuisine and culture, according to a recent news report. Writing in The Arab Weekly, Mohamed Abu Shanab asserts that the Nubians expertly blend local food sources into their meals. The verdant fringe of agricultural land along the Nile has […]