A newly-formed Hutterite colony in southern Alberta has been seeking approval of its plans to construct buildings and begin farming on lands it has purchased, but local residents are strongly opposed. Plans by the Clear Lake Colony, just north of Lethbridge, to develop its new branch colony, Summerland, and the opposition by some residents in […]

A reporter from the CTV television network visited some Hutterites outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, recently and observed how devoted they are to their culture, families, and language. Julie Clark, the reporter, toured the Sunny Dale Colony, located in the Canadian prairie 40 miles west northwest of the city, to gain some perspectives on Hutterite society. […]

A Hutterite colony in Southcentral Alberta is developing a net-zero egg layer barn, a large chicken facility that hopefully will use no more energy than it generates. A feature in The Western Producer, a weekly publication for the agricultural industry of Western Canada, covered the development of the experimental barn on the Brant Hutterite Colony […]

In the run-up to their hard-fought general election, won by Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party on October 19, Canadians often expressed pride in their toleration for religious and cultural differences. Many Canadian commentators, and to judge by the results at the polls, a majority of Canadian voters, rejected what they felt were politics of […]

The Hutterites at the Viking Colony in rural Alberta, 75 miles southeast of Edmonton, constantly look for ways to use their business intuition to develop new enterprises. They are also seeking to preserve their unique values as they adapt to new challenges. Country Guide, a Canadian farming publication, focused an article last week on Paul […]